Here, you'll find us creating music with more of a modern edge to it. 'Contemporary' is an inept description of a huge and varied category of our non-orchestral work. It makes us sound older than we are.

Bob and Barn are the most extraordinary musical composers I've had the pleasure of working with. In Storm of Zehir, their music perfectly captured the fantasy theme and adventurous spirit of the game. It's no surprise that so many fans have proclaimed this the best soundtrack for a Role Playing Game to date. Bob and Barn were able to deliver dozens of different music themes very quickly at an extremely high bar of quality that other composers simply cannot match. Beyond their technical and creative brilliance, Bob and Barn are also very personable and easy to work with. They have a large network of contacts with orchestras and other performing musicians. I would be absolutely thrilled to work with them again.

Tony Evans

Lead Designer, Obsidian Entertainment