There is no substitute for live music and the difference real orchestral music can make can never be overestimated. Here is a short selection of our orchestral showreel. A kind of baton charge...

Up to 40% of a film’s emotional impact is being caused by its music.” With our family movie My Brother is a Dog you pushed it up way beyond that. Thank you, guys!

Thomas Springer
Producer, Tradewind Pictures


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Brink Intro

Brink has been a huge success for us, it has been widely well received:

  • Eurogamer gave it an 8/10, saying that Brink was "an exceptional team shooter, smart, supremely well balanced and with a unique, exciting art style."
  • GameSpy gave Brink 4 out of 5 stars. Saying that "Brink has the potential to become your new favorite FPS."
  • The Guardian gave Brink 4 stars out of 5, saying "Brink deserves to be ranked among the finest co-op games available." 

Brink has sold over 3 million copies to date and charted in the top 10 for more than 10 weeks.

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