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  • B&B sign to Hot House Music

    We love it when one bit of good news leads to another. We posted on Linked In about winning the award and Lynden, a lovely lady we’d not seen since we met in Cannes 2012 congratulated us. At the time she was very senior in Domino Records, she’s now the Managing Director of reknowned agency

  • We’ve won our first major award.

    We’re over the moon to announce our first major award win for our score to Netflix documentary ‘Hating Peter Tatchell’. The International Sound and Film Music Festival have awarded Best Documentary Score of the year to ‘Hating Peter Tatchell’ Over 1000 films were submitted across all 10 categories, a mixture of Hollywood studio and Independent

  • Me, Myself and Di Soundtrack released

    The Soundtrack Mill have just released the Original Soundtrack to our first ever rom-com score, Me Myself and Di. Hoorah! The album is released digitally on all formats, from Spotify to YouTube to Amazon to a few others we’ve never heard of. “Music to give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.” was the task

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