30 years of award winning scores


Featured Work

  • MediEvil 2019 – Intro Sequence

    This is a close remake of the original sequence from MediEvil but using today’s gloriously advanced processes and methodologies.

  • Richard Osmans World Cup of the Decade

    This show was a celebration of the very best of 2010 – 2020 across various categories including film, TV show, song, celebrity and one called `new thing’.

  • Dead Pixels Episode 6 – Game Complete Fail

    The 4 main characters come together in an attempt to defeat the hive mother but they’re not really on the same page and so their attempt is thwarted and their efforts are in vain.

30 years of award winning scores

When we started out in 1990 composing chip music scores for SWIV and Aladdin on the Amiga, we could hardly have imagined how far we would come. 

Thirteen years later we found ourselves with a BAFTA nomination as a result of our work on the epic orchestral score for Sony’s Primal – one of the first games to use a full, live-recorded symphony orchestra. We’ve worked on some amazing titles along the way, including the highly acclaimed MediEvil. We provided the music for every version of the game, turning our original synthesised score into a live orchestral recording (for MediEvil Resurrection) and making it fully interactive for the PS4 remake MediEvil 2019.

These days we’re experienced in scoring for all media, including film and TV. Credits to date include The Hatton Garden Job, the BAFTA-winning Armchair Detectives and the satisfyingly on-topic Dead Pixels for E4 (a sitcom about obsessive gamers…)

Recent News

  • Jumanji : The Next Level – poster fame.

    Watching Jumanji : The Next Level during lockdown I noticed in Spencer, the main character’s bedroom a poster of a game I recognised. Turns out Spencer’s a fan of RIGS, the PSVR mech sport combat launch title we scored, nice!

  • Richard Osmans World Cup of the Decade

    We had the privilege of attending the shoot of ROWCOTD, the first program to be filmed at the newly re-opened Riverside Studios. We wrote the title music and jingles for the one off Xmas special which was aired on Dec 27th on Channel 4 where voters picked the best film, tv show, song etc. to

  • Barn interviewed on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

    Andrew Barnabas was the guest for Richard Ready on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s Drive Time show

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