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  • MediEvil 2019 – Intro Sequence

    This is a close remake of the original sequence from MediEvil but using today’s gloriously advanced processes and methodologies.

  • Dead Pixels Episode 6 – Game Complete Fail

    The 4 main characters come together in an attempt to defeat the hive mother but they’re not really on the same page and so their attempt is thwarted and their efforts are in vain.

  • Richard Osmans World Cup of the Decade

    This show was a celebration of the very best of 2010 – 2020 across various categories including film, TV show, song, celebrity and one called `new thing’.

  • Armchair Detectives – Opening Titles

    BAFTA winning ‘Armchair Detectives’ was a high budget BBC1 daytime TV show that tried to rewrite the rules for daytime programming.

  • Host the Week – Titles

    This is the title sequence from Host the Week where each week we have a different celebrity hosting the show. And each week the lyrics from the opening song are adapted to suit the new celebrity, and expertly sung by the singers from Strictly Come Dancing!

  • The Hatton Garden Job – The Robbery

    There’s a gradual build in the music throughout this scene, with the music closely matching the picture throughout.

  • RIGS : Mechanized Combat League

    RIGS : Mechanized Combat League

    5 minute music sampler from the score we composed for RIGS : Mechanized Combat League, Sony’s AAA launch title for PSVR.

  • Amstardam – Greenstalk

    Amstardam – Greenstalk

    Here’s one of our favourite sequences from Amstardam, the arrival of the Greenstalk!

  • The Guvnors – Vengeful Payback

    The Guvnors – Vengeful Payback

    This scene is from ‘The Guvnors’, British gangland film from Fulwell73, shot and acted more like a Shakespearean tragedy.

  • Green Street 3 – Training Montage

    Green Street 3 – Training Montage

    The first training montage from Green Street 3: Never Back Down, our award winning score from James Nunn’s film for Lionsgate.

  • Brink – Game Intro

    Brink – Game Intro

    This is the opening movie from Brink setting the scene and leading you into the Faction and Character selection process.

  • Green Lantern Trailer

    Green Lantern Trailer

    The Official trailer we scored for Warner Brother’s Green Lantern back in 2011.

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