Time Will Tell Trailer

Another Cannes success story!

Barn met Hidde, a dutch film producer at 4 AM at a late night bar in Cannes, they both drank heavily, amazed that either of them remembered the conversation, even more so that they were lucid enough to talk coherently about work. It seemed to work since they both brought their respective business partners to lunch the following day and talked about scoring their next film, albeit with quite a hangover!

The following year A&P’s first meet in Cannes was with the same production team to discuss the film they’d just shot. Tonnie, the director, lovely chap spent 2 hours grilling the pair about their scoring process. Whatever they said, it worked and a couple of months later they landed the commission.

The reason for the grilling is because the film touches some very sensitive subjects, namely abuse and attempted rape, entwined within the protagonist Kim discovers she has the ability to move through time but at great cost to herself, she uses this ability to unravel a decade old mystery. As such we chose to write a sensitive score using contemporary sounds – we programmed a custom palette of analogue synths and samples to create textures and drones. To that we added upright piano, a small string section and songs in collaboration with Phil Watts.

Unusually, the trailer features entirely our music from the film.

If you’re interested, the film is now available to watch on Amazon Prime here

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