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  • The Hatton Garden Job – The Bosses

    Since the Hungarian Mafia played such a big role in the film, we wrote a theme for their main character (played by Joely Richardson). We listened to a lot of Hungarian music for inspiration before writing her theme.

  • The Hatton Garden Job – Going Back

    During the course of the robbery one of the gang fell ill and they damaged the power cable to the cutting machine so they aborted the robbery. But it’s not well known that they went back to finish the job since nobody realised they’d been there!

  • Dead Pixels Episode 5 – I’m Not ‘Simon Normal’

    Even background music has to be properly licensed or written for a scene, it’s not possible to just use anything. In this scene there was a chance to write a piece of modern jazz music to reflect the chaotic nature of Nicky’s personality.

  • Dead Pixels Episode 5 – Patricide

    Nicky is trying to share a moment with his father and finally gets to show him something that he’s good at, playing games! I’m not sure beheading your father is a great way of achieving that, but for Nicky, it’s a life changing moment!

  • Dead Pixels Episode 6 – GG

    Nicky and Meg have completed the game and decide to logoff and go their own virtual ways. This scene was full of pathos, and it’s always a pleasure to heighten the emotion of any scene with music.

  • Dead Pixels Episode 6 – One Last Try

    Meg, Nicky and Osman decide to give it one last go to defeat the Hive Mother. It comes at the cost of Usman’s character.

  • Dead Pixels Episode 6 – The Trappings of Success

    Nicky and Meg complete the game with the help of Usman’s sacrifice. Their unbridled happiness is subsequently rewarded with a special offering from the game.

  • Dispatches Dirty Secrets What’s Really in Our Air – What Causes Asthma

    Usually documentaries are made up of library music, music not written for that specific purpose. We composed this score bespoke with common themes throughout.

  • Dispatches Dirty Secrets What’s Really in Our Air – End Credits

    People are breathing in more harmful pollutants than official figures suggest. Morland Sanders uses high-tech monitoring equipment to identify hidden pollution hot-spots and talks to experts about the effect this is having.

  • Hidden Britain by Drone

    Actor and history enthusiast Sir Tony Robinson uses drones to reveal some of Britain’s hidden places, ranging from billionaire’s private estates and off-limits military zones to crop circles, as featured in this clip from Series 2, episode 4.

  • Armchair Detectives – Murderer Revealed

    This is the final section of the show where the murderer is revealed. Dialogue is the most important element here so our music is purely underscore.

  • Armchair Detectives – End Credits

    This is the full version of the music from the Titles for this TV show starting with some underscore beneath Susan’s dialogue.

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