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  • Private: Mediterranean with Simon Reeve – Episode 2

    The travel writer and broadcaster journeys around the Mediterranean discovering the extremes that lie beneath the picture postcard tourist veneer.

  • Land of the Midnight Sun

    Alexander Armstrong embarks on an epic 8000 mile journey halfway around the Arctic Circle in this three part documentary series.

  • Earth From Space

    This was a wonderful documentary showing the power of satellite imagery and how it gives us a different perspective on the world in which we live.

  • MediEvil 2019 – Narrator

    We always loved the narrator sequence from the first MediEvil game, and this one was just as good with a new voice over and some new animations.

  • MediEvil 2019 – Outro

    SPOILER ALERT – This is the end sequence from the remake of MediEvil so watching this is a bit like hearing the result of your favourite team’s football match before you’ve watched the game you painstakingly recorded. We love scoring to linear picture and this was a great chance to revisit old ideas, but we had to tailer the music to the new timings of this sequence. Hope you like the end result!

  • Amstardam – Howard Marks

    Amstardam – Howard Marks

    Trailer from Amstardam featuring Howard Marks – Mr. Nice himself!

  • Nature’s Weirdest Events

    Nature’s Weirdest Events

    Music for a nature documentary on the BBC – all about weird naturally occurring events!

  • Close to Heaven – Letting Go

    Close to Heaven – Letting Go

    The moment a brother releases a letter he’s written to his dead brother and with it, he releases his mounting grief.

  • I am Soldier – The Jump

    I am Soldier – The Jump

    This clip shows a flashback from Mickey remembering a tragic incident.

  • EE Cinematic Ads – Keyboard Cat

    EE Cinematic Ads – Keyboard Cat

    The second of 3 adverts for Telecom giant ‘EE’ that we wrote the score for.

  • MediEvil – SPOILER ALERT: Concluding Game Cut Scene

    MediEvil – SPOILER ALERT: Concluding Game Cut Scene

    Final sequence from the Sony PSP title ‘MediEvil : Resurrection’.

  • The King is Dead – Opening Titles

    The King is Dead – Opening Titles

    Witty comedy based on an unlikely ‘job interview’ for an unlikely job for a select bunch of unlikely celebrities.

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